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Have your allergies been acting up more than usual lately? Have you just moved into a new-to-you home in Austin,Tx or San Antonio,TX, that seems to be negatively affecting your breathing? Dirty air duct may be to blame. When allergens,  dust, debris, and other pollutants make a home in your duct system, the air circulating through the home may not be safe to breath.

That’s where we come in. Hill Country Air Duct And Chimney Sweeps is available for all your HVAC, central air, and air duct cleaning services. Clean ductwork results in better breathing, a lower concentration of mold and bacteria, and less dust on the return air ducts, along with many other benefits. When you need services in Austin,TX, San Antonio, TX or the surrounding areas, give Hill CountryAir Duct And Chimney Sweeps a call. Our air duct cleaning services are second to none!

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

  • Our trained technician will conduct an initial inspection and asses the project and taking for preventative measures by putting drop cloths on furniture and beds adjacent to air vents.

  •  Equipment set up including a portable HEPA multi-filtered vacuum machine as well as agitation devices and air driven tools needed for dislodging and pulling debris towards the multi-filtered HEPA vacuum.

  • The cleaning process then takes place of the return ducts, and supply ducts. The dirty vent covers are cleaned as well.

  •  After the cleaning, the technician will then put inspection and cleaning notes on a company invoice and review.